We reimagine chemical manufacturing
with the power of biology,
not petroleum.


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Nature is the best bioengineer in history. In fact, Biology enables the creation of environmentally friendly chemicals with uncompromised performance. Our carbon-negative solutions assist our customers by lowering their carbon footprint and increasing their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores.

Environmentally Friendly Chemicals Company
Specialty Chemicals manufacturing Company


Our Mission

Solugen’s mission is to decarbonize the chemicals industry. Its comprehensive line of environmentally-friendly products help companies be responsible stewards of the environment and their local communities.

Through Solugen’s mobile “mini-mills,” Solugen is able to descale and geographically distribute chemical manufacturing factories, drastically impacting the way chemical solutions are produced and transported.

“I have been working in the oil and gas industry for over 30 years and I highly recommend the use of Solugen’s chemistries. Their products are locally produced, readily biodegradable, and nontoxic. Also, the cost is very advantageous and their customer service is top-notch!”


Sr. VP of Analytical Services at a publicly owned Oil and Gas services company.

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Solugen needs YOU! We are always looking for incredible talent to
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Latest News


– July 6, 2020

How Two Young Scientists Built a 250 Million Business Using Yeast to Clean Up Wastewater

Houston-based Solugen is making cheaper, more effective industrial chemicals to help scrub everything from pools and hot tubs to oil and gas companies’ wastewater. Up next: fertilizers.


– January 20, 2020

Hydrogen Peroxide from Genetically Modified Enzymes
Investors like BlackRock are using a company’s sustainability as a deciding factor for their investments. Solugen is perfectly aligned with these sustainability initiatives with their work in biotechnology and enzymology.


– January 17, 2020

Deep tech VCs on what they view as some of the most impactful young startupsright now 
TechCrunch interviewed Seth Bannon, Solugen investor from Fifty Years, on how deep tech and synthetic biology are making an impact.

E&P Magazine

– January 5, 2020

2020 Energy Innovators: Recognizing Today's Technology Influencers
In recognition of the oil and gas industry's brightest minds, inventive innovators, and leaders of cutting-edge technology development, E&P is proud to announce the 2020 Energy Innovators.

Tough Tech

– November 30, 2019

Nature Amplified: The Synthetic Biology Revolution is Here
A publication by The Engine, built by MIT, highlights how Solugen's co-founders, Sean Hunt and Gaurab Chakrabarti, took cancer research to chemicals manufacturing using synthetic biology.


– October 24, 2019

Oilfield Chemistry Marches Forward
By nourishing carefully engineered enzymes with plant sugars that otherwise go to waste, Solugen can produce environmentally-friendly peroxides and iron agents.

MIT News

– September 5, 2019

Cleaning up hydrogen peroxide production
Solugen's engineered enzymes offer a cheaper, safer, and far less toxic way to produce the chemical.

E&P Magazine

– September 4, 2019

Next-generation system mitigates iron sulfide
New chemistries and technologies allow operators to consolidate operational water footprint and costs.

Houston Business Journal

– August 14, 2019

Houston chemicals startup scaling up technology and headcount 
Houston-based specialty chemicals startup Solugen Inc. is scaling up after raising a $32 million Series B earlier this year.


– August 7, 2019

TechCrunch recognizes Solugen as one of the companies that are on a “quest to create sustainable pathways for chemical manufacturing.” 
Solugen is looking to commercialize the bio-production of hydrogen peroxide. It’s another chemical that’s at the heart of modern industrial processes — and is incredibly hazardous to make using traditional methods.

Houston Business Journal

– July 30, 2019

HBJ's Inaugural Innovation Awards honorees revealed
Solugen's commitment to innovation has been recognized by Houston Business Journal with the inaugural Innovation Award.

Produced Water Society

– July 19, 2019

Solugen leading the way in low cost,  bio-based tech
The massive volume of produced water in the Permian Basin is a cause for concern for some operators in the region, inspiring innovators to concoct fresh technologies to break down the barriers of what is feasible in the field.

​Houston Business Journal

– July 16, 2019

These 5 Houston startups raised the most VC money during Q2
Solugen ranks #2 on the list of Top 5 Houston startups who raised the most VC money in Q2.


– June 7, 2019

Making The Oil Patch A Little Greener: Plant-Based Cleaner Manufacturer In Growth Mode
Solugen's enzyme process creates hydrogen peroxide and derivative chemicals with corn syrup and ethanol as feedstocks.

Houston Business Journal

– May 23, 2019

CEO: Houston biochem company in "crazy growth mode" 
A Houston-based chemical startup snagged $32 million in series B funding ahead of plans to build a new headquarters and plant, but this isn't the end of the company's fundraising plans.


– May 22, 2019

This Under 30 Startup Just Raised Another $32 Million to Manufacture Chemicals with Bacteria 
Houston-based chemical manufacturing startup Solugen, announced Wednesday that it has raised a $32 million series B round.


– March 24, 2019

Meet the Texas startup that wants to decarbonize the chemical industry
Solugen created a process that can make thousands of tons of chemicals — without relying on petroleum — an important step in the fight against global climate change.

​Houston Chronicle

– March 19, 2019

Solugen finds sweet spot with industrial hydrogen peroxide
Solugen’s ability to clean wastewater from hydraulic fracturing could be the most popular use in Texas, a proposition that has helped Houston-based Solugen raise nearly $20 million from investors in Silicon Valley.


– January 21, 2019

Solugen – Ode to a Sustainable Future With Green Chemistry
Shortly after Solugen’s launch of its Ode to Clean wipes, the product was acquired by Diamond Wipes International, one of the largest wet wipe manufacturers.

Press Release

– December 11, 2018

Solugen Receives 2018 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year Award
Along with the company award, Solugen announced that their Ode to Clean innovation won the award for the Safer Choice Innovator.

Houston Business Journal – November 6, 2018

– November 6, 2018

Houston Biotech co. Raises Nearly $19 million in equity
Solugen raised $18.8 million in equity from 50 different investors.


– October 24, 2017

Solugen Heralds A Manufacturing Revolution
Solugen invents a process to make hydrogen peroxide from plant sugars.