Made with plants,
not petroleum.

We use plant sugars to make
hydrogen peroxide.

Our Process

Our patented approach takes advantage of bio-inspired reactions to uses plant starch  as a low-cost feedstock to produce chemicals through an extremely efficient synthesis reaction.


We take dextrose, and combine it with water, air and our proprietary enzyme.


Our enzymes and plant sugars mix and do work. 


The result is high purity hydrogen peroxide -Bioperoxide - and a value added side stream, gluconic acid.

Something Better

Our first step in cleaning up the chemicals industry

Solugen exists to make hydrogen peroxide as it should be produced: from sustainable, plant-sugars without petroleum-derived substances. We believe that chemical production shouldn't just be emissions-free, but actually reduce the  CO₂  in our atmosphere.

Our inputs for Bioperoxide

  1. Air
  2. Water
  3. Plant Material

Their Inputs for the Anthraquinone (AO)Process.

  1. Flammable solvents 
  2. Oxygen gas 
  3. Hydrogen gas
  4. Methane gas 
  5. Water 
  6. Flammable mix buffer 
  7. Stabilizing phosphates
  8. Cancer-causing quinones 
  9. Massive energy consumption 
  10. Petroleum-based working solution 
  11. Aluminum oxide
  12. Platinum-group metal catalyst