About Solugen

Founded in 2016 by Gaurab Chakrabarti, M.D., Ph.D., and Sean Hunt, Ph.D., Solugen is a venture-backed specialty chemicals company that applies industrial biotechnology and green chemistry principles to re-design the production of a variety of end-use and novel chemicals. The company’s first product, BioPeroxide®, was created using patented enzymatic technology to convert plant sugars into hydrogen peroxide and was followed by the manufacturing of a comprehensive line of products such as their flagship ScaleSol™ and BioChelate™ solutions.

Founding Story

A cancer physician meets a chemical engineer…

While completing his MD/PhD work in cancer biology, Gaurab discovered an enzyme in pancreatic cancer that could efficiently catalyze oxidation reactions to produce hydrogen peroxide and other oxygenates chemistries. At the same time, Sean was at MIT completing his PhD in chemical engineering on the production of hydrogen peroxide using next-generation, green metal catalysts. Gaurab and Sean became fast friends over a game of poker and realized that they were both solving very similar problems, albeit from vastly different worlds. They came together with the same passion to decarbonize the world and scaled up their first process technology to produce Bioperoxide™ from plant sugars.

Our Mission

Solugen’s mission is to decarbonize the chemicals industry. Its comprehensive line of environmentally-friendly products help companies be responsible stewards of the environment and their local communities. And through their mobile “mini-mills,” Solugen is able to descale and geographically distribute chemical manufacturing factories, drastically impacting the way chemical solutions are produced and transported.

Core values

At Solugen, we believe that establishing the right culture is critical to our success and well-being.
Our culture is governed by the following core values: