Applications Sol-nanigans

Applications  Sol-nanigans


The Applications team at Solugen comprises of a group of individuals with a diverse academic and professional background. We utilize this diversity to our advantage, and we work on projects that have a positive environmental, technical, and economic impact for Solugen and our customers.

Current Projects

To address these aforementioned concerns, Solugen’s Application team is currently working on next-generation water treatment additives which are truly phosphate-free. Solugen has developed a scale inhibitor package that has reduced the phosphates by 50%, but a true phosphate-free formulation will have a significant environmental and economic impact, as eutrophication causes over $2 billion in damages every year in the US alone. Further information on the eutrophication of US freshwaters can be explored through research developed by the American Chemical Society.

Future Projects

The Applications team has multiple projects in the pipeline that align with Solugen’s core values. One project that really excites the team is our triazine-free hydrogen sulfide (H2S) scavenger. Our Lead Application Scientist, Dr. Paul Schuber will be presenting research pertaining to some of our novel findings at the Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) in July. Since H2S is a hazardous gas that plagues the oil and gas industry as well as the water treatment sector, a bio-based H2S scavenger is needed and can have tremendous positive implications.