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Tough Tech

- November 30, 2019

Nature Amplified: The Synthetic Biology Revolution is Here
A publication by The Engine, built by MIT, highlights how Solugen's co-founders, Sean Hunt and Gaurab Chakrabarti, took cancer research to chemicals manufacturing using synthetic biology.


- October 24, 2019

Oilfield Chemistry Marches Forward
By nourishing carefully engineered enzymes with plant sugars that otherwise go to waste, Solugen can produce environmentally-friendly peroxides and iron agents.

MIT News

- September 5, 2019

Cleaning up hydrogen peroxide production
Solugen's engineered enzymes offer a cheaper, safer, and far less toxic way to produce the chemical.

E&P Magazine

- September 4, 2019

Next-generation system mitigates iron sulfide
New chemistries and technologies allow operators to consolidate operational water footprint and costs.

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