Industrial Cleaners


Industrial and institutional customers require scalable, effective, and economical cleaning solutions. Each of these customers have a unique set of requirements that requires tailored cleaning products. These applications can span from industrial bottle washing to surface cleaning sprays.

Solugen has a full portfolio of innovative industrial and institutional cleaning products using our bio-based BioChelate™ and BioPeroxide® product lines.

Customer Challenges and Pain Points

A majority of industrial and institutional customers simply don’t have access to the innovative products that are needed in these times of heightened environmental regulation. Historically, these customers have had to choose between performance or sustainability.

With Solugen, the choice is simple. Customers now have access to chemistries that deliver great cleaning power while being nontoxic.

Solugen Solution

Solugen’s industrial and institutional cleaners are specifically formulated for a wide variety of applications using bio-based chemistries. Our products are developed using BioChelate™ and BioPeroxide®, enabling our customers to have access to sustainable, performance-based cleaning solutions.

BioChelate™ is Solugen’s bio-based, nontoxic chelant that targets and complexes common problematic metals to enhance traditional cleaning formulations. BioChelate™ is available as a standalone concentrate and can be formulated with conventional water-based cleaners to enhance their performance in demanding cleaning applications.

BioPeroxide® is Solugen’s bio-based hydrogen peroxide product line that provides general oxidation clarification solutions to water-based cleaners.