Oilfield Chemical Solutions

Solugen offers economical, carbon-negative, and low environmental impact water treatment chemicals for oilfield applications to help service companies meet changing needs within the oilfield industry.

Solugen’s products are utilized in a wide variety of water-based treatment applications in oil and gas processes to mitigate asset integrity and flow assurance challenges. Solugen’s unique chemistry is derived from renewable domestic resources and can be used alone or combined with traditional oilfield products to enhance their performance in scale and corrosion control.

When it comes to drilling, cementing, stimulation, production, or where water is involved, Solugen offers unique and cost competitive solutions for the industry to maintain low cost and safe operations. Our proven technologies are innovative, sustainable solutions with consistent product quality. Solugen backs its industry leading products with recognized experts in formulation, application, synthesis, and manufacturing to further enhance our value in alignment with our customer’s needs.

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