Drilling and Completions


Oil and gas service companies deliver and develop natural reserves through the three stages of operations referred to as drilling, completions, and stimulation. Each phase of the well development process poses unique challenges in terms of the physical deployment and handling of returning fluids and gases. Integrity of the process fluids is critical for safe operations and economical return on

Customer Challenges and Pain Points

Drilling and completions have associated and shared challenges when developing oil and gas reserves for production which can affect safe operations, equipment integrity, and overall operating wastes:

  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Corrosion
  • Scale
  • Sludge
  • Viscosity

Solugen Solution

Solugen addresses these challenges with a clear understanding and working partnership with service companies to provide high performing, environmentally acceptable, and economical solutions to meet their operational requirements in fluid design, application, and recovery.

Solugen’s solutions are backed by lab performance testing and historical case studies to provide the necessary information for operating and service companies to make informed decisions on safety and lower operational costs.

Solugen Products​

BioPeroxide® is a carbon-negative solution for the clean oxidation of hydrogen sulfide. The reaction byproduct is water and oxygen making it one of the cleanest oxidizers for oil and gas.

ScaleSol™ is an environmentally acceptable replacement for phosphonates and has a high tolerance for iron which is common in drilling and completion operations.

ScavSol® is a multivalent sequestrant to inhibit precipitating metal salts in oil and gas operations. It is unique in that it does not contain sulfates which can contribute to microbiological growth, corrosion, and hydrogen sulfide evolution.

CorrSol™ is designed to prevent under deposit corrosion, fouling, and maintain clean operating surfaces to reduce corrosion in tubulars and flowlines in high and low brine fluids.