Waterflooding and Water Injection


In the oil industry, waterflooding or water injection is a common practice to increase reservoir sweep and crude oil recovery efficiency. In the waterflooding process, produced water is injected into the oil field reservoir, usually to increase pressure and there by stimulate production. Water injection wells can be found both on- and offshore, to increase oil recovery from an existing reservoir. 

Customer Challenges and Pain Points

Water injection requires careful consideration and treatment to ensure mineral scales, bacteria, sulfates, and solids are not introduced into the reservoir where they can potentially cause permeability and porosity impedance. 

Water injection well operators typically face the following challenges in their operations:

  • Mechanical integrity due to erosion and corrosion
  • Reduced permeability and porosity due to solids loading
  • Scale blockage from multivalent precipitation
  • Transportation costs to move water offsite due to high differential pressure (Dp)
    at the injector
  • High chemical treatment costs

In cases where damage or a decline in injectivity has occurred, remediation techniques are deployed to remove obstructions, although in some cases the damage is irreversible.

Solugen Solution

To ensure produced water can be injected at the most economical quality, sophisticated mechanical separation techniques are utilized on the surface which may include clarification, sedimentation, filtration, and electrochemical techniques. In many cases, chemical additives are needed to supplement the mechanical processes where emulsions, scale, corrosion, and biological activity can not be addressed by mechanical means.

Solugen provides chemical solutions to ensure water quality meets the minimum standard for injectivity. Although there is no clearly defined standard, each operator will define the most optimum water quality based on the reservoir’s compositional make-up and completion design. Solugen’s solutions are designed based on the customer’s criteria through collaborative engagement. We deliver solutions to address potentially damaging fluids from impeding injection rates and subsequent oil production from the waterflooding process.

Solugen Products

BioPeroxide™ is Solugen’s bio-based hydrogen peroxide product line that provides general oxidation clarification for produced water in water injection applications.

ScaleSol™ is Solugen’s flagship scale control product line that is an environmentally acceptable replacement for phosphonates. It targets calcium, magnesium, and iron-induced scale buildup and formation in water injection wells. 

ScavSol® is a multivalent sequestrant to inhibit precipitating metal salts in water injection operations. It is unique in that it does not contain sulfates which can contribute to microbiological growth, corrosion, and hydrogen sulfide evolution. 

CorrSol™  is designed to prevent under-deposit corrosion, fouling, and maintain clean operating surfaces to reduce corrosion in tubulars and flow lines in high and low brine fluids.