Boiler Water Treatment


Boilers are a common way to economically and efficiently add heat to processes or residential buildings. They typically generate low or high-pressure steam using a common fuel source for downstream heat exchangers. Because boilers can operate at a wide variety of pressures, they can be subject to very extreme conditions and failure modes that require holistic and precise water treatment solutions. Solugen has a comprehensive suite of scale and corrosion control products that can be used to replace or enhance traditional boiler water treatment chemistries.

Customer Challenges and Pain Points

Many of the challenges for boiler operators are centered around maintaining thermal efficiency and extending the mechanical integrity of their aging boilers. Often times, these challenges are due to the lack of a targeted boiler water treatment program. While traditional chemistries like EDTA provide broad compatibility with common oxygen scavengers, they are also prone to premature boiler coil metal loss due to overfeeding.

Solugen has formulated our scale and corrosion control products with BioChelate™, allowing boiler operators to have precise control of the quality of their feed water while protecting their asset’s mechanical integrity.

Solugen Solution

Solugen has developed solutions for applications where condensate is deaerated or in conjunction with a traditional oxygen scavenger. Our scale and control products are specific at preventing scale formation and corrosion pitting on your heat transfer surfaces, boilers, and incoming condensate lines. Solugen’s boiler water treatment solutions are available as concentrate or as ready to use formulations.

Solugen Products

BioChelate™ is Solugen’s bio-based, nontoxic chelant that targets and complexes common problematic metals that interfere with traditional phosphonate chemistries. BioChelate™ is available as a standalone concentrate and can be formulated with conventional scale and corrosion chemistries to enhance their performance in stressed, alkaline cooling water applications.

ScaleSol™ is Solugen’s flagship scale control product line that is available as concentrates or ready to use formulations that target calcium, magnesium, and iron-induced scale buildup and formation in cooling towers and cooling water service.

CorrSol™ is designed to prevent under deposit corrosion, fouling, and maintain clean operating surfaces to reduce corrosion in boilers.