Membrane Water Treatment


Membranes are becoming an attractive way to treat and purify water as operators seek to minimize freshwater use and increase water reuse. Effective water treatment around membrane operations allows operators to maintain water quality while extending membrane lifetimes. Solugen has a full portfolio of innovative pretreatment and post-treatment scale, corrosion control, and microbiological control products for these membrane water treatment applications.

Customer Challenges and Pain Points

Operators of membranes are often asked to maintain water quality standard while reducing operating costs. Because membranes can be subject to harsh reuse and recycle conditions, traditional freshwater chemistries may not give a similar performance in these harsh membrane environments. An effective and targeted membrane water treatment program can help operators achieve high water quality and low energy intensity from their water operations.

Solugen Solution

Solugen’s product portfolio for membrane water treatment has targeted pretreatment and post-treatment solutions for reverse osmosis, microfiltration, and ultrafiltration applications. Solugen’s scale and corrosion products are available as concentrate or ready to use formulations.

Solugen Products

BioChelate™ is Solugen’s bio-based, nontoxic chelant that targets and complexes common problematic metals that interfere with traditional phosphonate and polymer chemistries. BioChelate™ is available as a standalone concentrate and can be formulated with conventional scale and corrosion chemistries to enhance their performance and usability.

ScaleSol™ is Solugen’s flagship scale control product line that is available in concentrates or ready to use concentrations that target calcium, magnesium, and iron-induced scale buildup and formation in membrane water treatment applications.

CorrSol™ is designed to prevent under-deposit corrosion, fouling, and maintain clean operating surfaces to reduce corrosion in membrane water treatment applications.