Wastewater Treatment


Industrial wastewater treatment is a multistep process to clarify water containing organic and inorganic solids via sedimentation and biological processes. Treated wastewater will often need to meet the requirements of local publicly owned treatment works.

Sedimentation water clarification processes separate suspended solids in wastewater by gravity. Successful water clarification generates clarified water and a sludge slurry byproduct. Both products are often further processed in secondary biological treatment before being discharged. In secondary biological treatment, soluble pollutants are further removed from the wastewater. This is achieved by biological oxidation of organics, absorption of solids, and removal of dissolved nutrients like ammonia. The resulting quality of the treated wastewater is a function of an operator’s mechanical, biological, and chemical processes.

An effective and comprehensive chemical industrial water treatment program for both sedimentation and biological processes is imperative to economically treat wastewater. Solugen has a comprehensive suite of wastewater products that can be used to replace traditional wastewater chemicals and are compatible with common wastewater oxidizers and biocides.

Customer Challenges and Pain Points

Wastewater treatment operators are challenged by treating large amounts of incoming wastewater in a cost-effective manner. While many of the traditional chemical products are effective for a majority of wastewater applications, operators often struggle with further improving the efficiency of these processes.

Solugen Solution

Solugen has a full line of products for wastewater treatment that are specifically designed for compatibility with common halogen and halogen-free oxidizers and biocides. Solugen’s wastewater treatment solutions are powered by BioChelate™ and are available as a concentrate or as ready to use formulations, giving operators improved efficiency over traditional chemistries.

Solugen Products

BioChelate™ is Solugen’s bio-based, nontoxic chelant that targets and complexes common problematic metals that interfere with traditional phosphonate and polymer chemistries. BioChelate™ is available as a standalone concentrate and can be formulated with conventional flocculant, oxidizer, corrosion and scale chemistries to enhance their performance and usability.

BioPeroxide® is Solugen’s bio-based hydrogen peroxide product line that provides general oxidation clarification solutions to the water treatment space.

ScaleSol™ is Solugen’s flagship scale control product line that is available in concentrates or ready to use formulations that target calcium, magnesium, and iron-induced scale buildup and formation in wastewater treatment applications.

CorrSol™ is designed to prevent under-deposit corrosion, fouling, and maintain clean operating surfaces to reduce corrosion in wastewater treatment applications.