IP2 Sol-nanigans

IP2 Sol-nanigans


Current Projects

Solugen has been developing a full line of produced water solutions with field methods to determine performance measures in flow assurance and asset integrity. Produced Water IP2 (Intelligent, Predictive, and Prescriptive) solutions are being deployed to reduce scale formation and improve water transfer and disposal in the Permian Basin. Solugen recently deployed it’s BioPeroxideTM and BioChelateTM to remediate a water pipeline which was fouled with solids. The client wanted a green solution in the event of a spill or line rupture which would be costly to clean up. Two years ago, the line was treated with other chemicals, but the result was a stuck pig in the line which had to be removed. Solugen answered the call and deployed a bio-friendly chemical pill which was successfully followed by their pigging program and conducted full HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) audits and training with the client.

Pictured above are John Folasakin (HSE) and Clint Scarborough conducting a pipeline treatment.

It is exciting to see Solugen’s core technology based on carbon-negative processes being deployed with success and in the big scheme of things, we are replacing traditional carbon-positive products which also carry a higher environmental fate. In the past, Solugen relied on the industry to find combination solutions for water treatment. Our excitement continues with ScavSolTM as we push the boundaries in processing produced water.

Future Projects

Future projects Solugen is excited to progress are non-solids hydrogen sulfide scavengers with iron control. Initial trials in the Delaware Basin reduced sulfide levels from 100 to less than 5 ppm. Hydrogen sulfide is a poisonous and corrosive gas that needs to be removed from oil and gas operations in a safe manner. Field techniques are critical to the selection and success of Solugen’s core technology. Advances in product selection are planned to be incorporated into our current portfolio. We are excited to showcase these in a Q4 company-wide event where employees can engage in field exercises where we showcase our technology and value to customers.

Pictured above is a pig run that captured iron and steel. Our technicians used BioPeroxideTM to remove the iron and steel from the pipe wall.