Labs and Metal Catalysis Sol-nanigans

Labs and Metal Catalysis Sol-nanigans


Current Projects

In Metals land, we are currently working on developing catalysts for our metal reactor to upgrade products generated by our enzyme reactor using plant-based feedstocks. Our current project is aimed at producing organic acids that can be used in an array of industries including agriculture, cleaning, energy, and water. Our team has done extensive research on catalyst synthesis and optimization on our Parr reactors at benchtop scale so that we can transfer this knowledge to our Pilot Plant team. In tandem with this research initiative, the Analytical team is working on establishing analytical methodologies to help identify and quantify all products that are being produced from the reactors. We are making large strides daily, which makes working in the metals lab an “anything but boring” place to be.

Future Projects

Each quarter we are working on optimizing our current catalyst and reactor operating conditions as well as searching for the next new feedstock to produce chemicals so that we can continue our mission to decarbonize the chemicals industry. It is exciting to be a part of an ambitious company that works hard every day to strive towards groundbreaking achievements. We are looking forward to future projects in the metals lab that can push the boundaries of chemistry.