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- July 6, 2020

How Two Young Scientists Built a 250 Million Business Using Yeast to Clean Up Wastewater

Houston-based Solugen is making cheaper, more effective industrial chemicals to help scrub everything from pools and hot tubs to oil and gas companies’ wastewater. Up next: fertilizers.


- January 20, 2020

Hydrogen Peroxide from Genetically Modified Enzymes
Investors like BlackRock are using a company’s sustainability as a deciding factor for their investments. Solugen is perfectly aligned with these sustainability initiatives with their work in biotechnology and enzymology.


- January 17, 2020

Deep tech VCs on what they view as some of the most impactful young startupsright now 
TechCrunch interviewed Seth Bannon, Solugen investor from Fifty Years, on how deep tech and synthetic biology are making an impact.

E&P Magazine

- January 5, 2020

2020 Energy Innovators: Recognizing Today's Technology Influencers
In recognition of the oil and gas industry's brightest minds, inventive innovators, and leaders of cutting-edge technology development, E&P is proud to announce the 2020 Energy Innovators.

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