Solugen’s Sales Team Helps Reduce Cost and Improve Performance

Sales Team


Current Projects

The Solugen sales team is growing! The early focus of our team has been to help customers in the saltwater disposal arena of the oil & gas industry better control iron in their wells with our proprietary technology. We consistently visit with customers to conduct field trials, which enables us to make prescriptive product recommendations that allow their operations to function properly, reducing cost, and improving performance!

Future Projects

While the oil & gas industry is important to Solugen, we recognize clean and safe water is a primary concern throughout the world. While our Product and R&D teams advance our technology and product portfolio, we are currently building a team to focus on the broader industrial water treatment (IWT) market. We’ll introduce novel technology to control corrosion and scale in 2021!

Finally, Solugen has entered the hand sanitizer market with a multi-purpose product to be used in restaurants, hotels, and gyms. We have also developed a more concentrated version of hand sanitizer, directed at the health care arena. We are excited to bring our high-quality product to the market!