Solugen Hand Sanitizer Products


Every day, we are working on transforming the chemicals industry by creating products that are bio-based and carbon negative. Solugen’s mission to decarbonize the chemicals industry can be seen through our comprehensive line of environmentally-friendly products that help customers be responsible stewards of the environment and their local communities. This same technology is now being used in the production of our hand sanitizer product line. Adding hand sanitizers to our product portfolio provides a critical solution to help meet the needs of our communities.

Solugen Solution

Here at Solugen, we take a holistic approach towards understanding and solving personal disinfectant needs. We aim to provide flexible solutions that are both sustainable and economically viable for customers. This approach is best demonstrated in our latest line of hand sanitizer products.


Why Choose Solugen?

Solugen uses specialized formulations along with a novel manufacturing method to develop unique products that help to reduce germs. Customers choose Solugen hand sanitizers for a variety of reasons including:

  • Made in USA
  • FDA registered facilities
  • Strict QA/QC standards
  • High quality, locally sourced ingredients
  • Smooth finish
  • Reliable supply
  • Consistent quality
  • Low Cost

 Product and Packaging Features

Solugen offers customers a variety of product and packaging options that include:

  • Available in both gel and liquid forms
  • Available as scented or unscented
  • Available in screw, flip, and pump tops
  • Available in a variety of finished bottle sizes:
    • 2 oz
    • 8 oz
    • 16 oz
    • 32 oz
    • 64 oz
    • 128 oz
  • Available in a variety of bulk sizes:
    • 5 gallon pails
    • 55 gallon drums
    • 330 gallon totes