Advancing the Design of a New Biochemical Plant

Advancing the Design of a New Biochemical Plant


The Solugen Projects team has the exciting and dynamic role of taking the ideas generated out of the brilliant minds of our R&D, Pilot Plant, and Operations teams and making them a reality. On any given day, we might assist the Pilot Plant team with an equipment upgrade to test the feasibility of a specific catalyst, plot the next lab upgrade, or chat on the phone with an engineering firm discussing the detailed design of our major scale-up project.

Current Projects

The most exciting project in our portfolio is the design and build of our scale-up facility at our Houston site. We are currently wrapping up the detailed design and procurement phase of the project and are transitioning to site preparation which includes the construction of foundations and concrete for the process equipment to be placed on. The unique aspect of our project approach is that most of the equipment is built into skid-mounted modules. The advantage of this is that when these modules arrive, we plop them in place and quickly make the short piping and electrical connections between modules rather than spending many more labor hours building all the fabrication connections between individual pieces of equipment at our site. This makes our project less susceptible to the frequent weather delays that are often experienced by projects in the Houston area.

Future Projects

We have an extensive portfolio of projects that are coming after the successful implementation of our scale-up project. The R&D team is working hard to build a backlog of new chemistries for us to scale up. There are already upgrade projects planned for our existing operation assets and even our current scale-up facility that will provide an even greater range of products that will benefit our customers. The Projects team is ready to step up to the challenge and build those ideas into reality.