Everyday, we are working on transforming the multi-trillion dollar chemicals industry that has traditionally relied on fossil fuels. Here at Solugen, we think about sustainability as a balance between protecting our natural environment and fulfilling the demands of a growing consumer base.

Protecting the natural environment means our chemicals are manufactured through a carbon-negative process using plant-based feedstock instead of petroleum. Our technology is the epitome of sustainability because the more products we make to support our customers, the more CO2 we remove from the environment. A win-win situation in the truest sense.

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Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint is one of the key metrics that we track. In fact, recent life cycle analysis conducted by an independent third party indicated that if a large service company replaces 9,000 metric tons of traditional scale inhibitor per year with our BioChelate™ in their salt-water disposal product lines, that service company would offset 33,000 tons per year of CO2 equivalent. That is roughly 7,000 cars off the road!

For more information, download the full report of the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Solugen’s  BioChelate™ products in the Energy and Industrial Water Treatment (IWT) industries:

Our Products

BioChelate™ (which powers our ScavSol®, ScaleSol™, and CorrSol™ product lines) and BioChelate™ Pro are readily biodegradable, nontoxic, and produced in the USA. By switching your ingredients from EDTA, ATMP or HEDP to BioChelate™, you have wisely chosen to use a bio-based and greener chemical. In addition, since BioChelate™ is produced locally, you are supporting the local economy in these challenging times.