Visualizing Enzymology

Visualizing Enzymology


Current Projects

Here in Solugen Enzymeland, we are developing several green processes to generate components of personal care products, water treatment reagents, agricultural formulations, next-generation polymers, and many other applications using enzymes. Particularly exciting is the opportunity to apply both mature and emerging techniques to engineering proteins, strains, and processes to render chemical synthesis through enzymes economically feasible. Through the power of machine learning, cloud computing, directed evolution, good old-fashioned rational design, and sheer creativity, we’ve engineered bespoke enzymes with better stability, activity, and selectivity for our synthetic routes. Despite only having a functional lab for about a year, the enzymology team has made enormous progress since its establishment. We like to attribute our success to not only having a collection of great scientific minds, but also deliberately cultivating an atmosphere of scholarly collaboration and academic curiosity. Solugen is a great place to engineer enzymes!

Solugen’s efforts to decarbonize the chemicals industry are what wakes us up in the morning. Knowing that our research will have a direct impact on emissions in the span of months rather than decades motivates us to innovate quickly. Our feedstocks are entirely sourced from plant-based renewables, our solvents are primarily water, and our processes generate minimal waste. Every success we have in the lab is a success for the environment through lowering our reliance on fossil fuels; lifecycle analysis demonstrates that every product we sell containing enzyme-derived products not only reduces carbon footprint compared to fossil-fuel based alternatives, but also generates a net removal of carbon from the atmosphere. It’s been fulfilling seeing how the successes within our enzymology program directly translate to cleaner production systems and ultimately to sales.

Future Projects

We still have our work cut out for us if we want to replace more chemical processes with greener alternatives. As we complete projects related to the production of simple chemicals, our attention will gradually turn to making increasingly complex molecules for specialized applications. Please stay tuned for more exciting updates!