Discovering the Voice of Customers

Discovering the Voice of Customers Through Our Products


Our Product team consists of a diverse group of individuals with complementary experiences and skill-sets. We leverage the voice of customers and industry experts to understand our customers’ needs. That way, we understand where the gaps and opportunities exist in potential solutions and strategies. We want to exceed our customers’ expectations while providing them with the maximum benefit to ensure their company’s success. Our strategies are built upon Solugen’s core values of being safe, respectful, and relentlessly resourceful.

Current Projects

We are exploring various new markets beyond oil and gas. In agriculture, we are providing our customers with samples of our chelated micronutrients that are powered by BioChelate™ to help improve crop yield and quality. Further, we are also investigating how our water treatment chemicals maintain and preserve water sources and associated infrastructure. In cleaning, we are investigating how our BioChelate™ and BioChelate™ Pro can be used as bio-based builders. In water treatment, we are leveraging our expertise in oil and gas to tackle issues in scale and corrosion. Additionally, we are constantly talking to various customers from new markets such as mining, coatings, and personal care to understand how our BioChelate™ and BioChelate™ Pro can displace petroleum-based chemicals such as EDTA.

Our department also just recently launched our new website, where visitors can utilize new features including but not limited to user-friendly navigation, chat assistance, and our resource library.

Future Projects

We are constantly looking for new ideas from customers on how to utilize BioChelate™ and BioChelate™ Pro in new markets. Please contact [email protected] if you have any suggestions or needs.